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Connecting bike paths, preserving land.

Sussex County Land Trust

2020 grant recipient

Visit coastal Delaware, and the locals will tell you about a great way to beat summertime traffic—and take in coastal views. Their pro tip: a network of bike paths that covers 34 miles, weaving through marshland and connecting historic towns.

Locals love it for getting around. Tourists use it to explore the area. Cyclists drive in for a scenic ride. And yet the growing network needs more access points for those traveling into the area—space to park, find friends, and gear up for the day.

Sussex County Land Trust has plans to change that. With the help of a Red Wagon grant and other funding, the conservation group is founding Stephen P. Hudson Park. Centered around a 30-acre plot that was otherwise slated for home development, the project will combine a parking lot, pavilion, and trailhead, as well as designated open space and a potential walking trail.

The project is an ecological win for the area—saving land from over-development, encouraging people to travel by bike, and inviting more folks to enjoy and preserve the local beauty.



initially granted
by Red Wagon

30 acres

preserved for outdoor recreation

34 miles

of bike trail made more accessible

One positive action leads to another

Our partners use funding to accomplish something greater than themselves. Consider the ripple effect of Sussex County Land Trust’s work.

  • Red Wagon granted seed money to launch a bike-path trailhead project
  • The project will preserve 30 acres for outdoor play and provide easy access to a coastal bikeway
  • More people can enjoy the local beauty in a sustainable way

The more people and communities we can connect to the trail, the better it is for everyone. Red Wagon understood that.

Casey Kenton Headshot

Casey Kenton,
Chairman of Sussex County Land Trust

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