What we believe

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Philanthropy is a partnership.

We become allies of the organizations we support, working together to spark ideas, devise solutions, and pass high-fives.

Size doesn’t determine impact.

We fund local & national charities and fledgling projects. Rather than seek out a certain profile, we look at outcomes, stewardship, and optimism.

Grassroots giving goes furthest.

Where we’re from, neighbors help neighbors. So naturally, we love investing in groups that meet community needs firsthand.

Resourcefulness is way underrated.

Too often, good stewardship is a second thought. We support groups that get scrappy and stretch resources as a way of operating.

Areas of impact

We focus our funding in four realms.
These areas improve quality of life for everyone.

It’s a simple truth that the arts bring us together.

No matter where you live, film, music, art, and literature can help citizens connect with their past, understand their neighbors, and dream for the future. We cultivate diverse creativity in the community by embracing traditional and nontraditional mediums, with a focus on groups that bring the arts to everyone.

this includes:

  • Art leagues and guilds
  • Theaters, concert halls, and other performance venues
  • Community-run art programs
  • Music, art, and book festivals
  • Theater troops and community playgroups

Red Wagon gave funding to the Freeman Arts Pavilion, helping the live-arts venue carry on with performances during covid.

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Want to change the world?
Start with communities.

We team up with local players working to create healthier homes, neighborhoods, and cities. We fund organizations that are: creating safe gathering spaces, building cultural institutions, diversifying business, and distributing resources.

this includes:

  • Historical societies
  • Community hubs
  • Museums
  • Food banks
  • Libraries
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At the start of the pandemic, Red Wagon worked with Delaware Restaurant Association to provide emergency funds for unemployed restaurant workers.

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Education opens the door to opportunity everywhere.

We’re working to increase educational access for students and families, regardless of income or ability. With a heart for lifelong learning, we support organizations working throughout the schooling years, from early childhood education to K-12 and postsecondary training.

this includes:

  • Early childhood education groups
  • After-school art and music programs
  • Support programs for educators and families
  • Special curriculums about entrepreneurship, leadership, and more
  • Alternative education options for all income levels

We need solutions—not slogans—to preserve our home planet.

Taking a practical approach to conservation, we support groups that regenerate natural resources, protect land for wildlife and recreation, and pursue smart solutions to ecological issues. We also love partnering with likeminded organizations who amplify this kind of work.

this includes:

  • Nature conservancies and societies
  • State parks and wildlands
  • Botanical gardens
  • Animal rescues
  • Clean water research and initiatives

Red Wagon worked with Sussex County Land Trust, helping the conservation group launch a public trailhead project.

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We want to lead our recipients to work together—to help them make connections and network.

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Mariah Calagione,
Red Wagon Foundation Co-Founder