How to apply

To apply for grant funding, fill out our online application form. We request some basic info about your organization and ask to hear a bit about your background, mission, accomplishments, and services. Tell us how much money you’re seeking—and share how you’ll put the funds to work.

We issue grants once per year and accept applications between January 1 and August 31. If you’re chosen for funding, we’ll let you know by December 1 via email. (The list of grantees will also eventually be published on our website.)

How we choose grant partners

When discerning where grant dollars go, we consider a few essentials. We care about how you care about the community—and we love investing in communities that are important to our family and our network. We care about how your work aligns with our areas of impact. And we care about how you steward your means and the planet’s resources.

We view funding as far more than a money transfer. Our grantees become collaborators, friends, and co-conspirators (for good). When we commit to funding you, we commit to working with you.

Start an application

Fill out this form to be considered for grant funding. Application is open from January 1 to August 31, and funding is announced by December 1.